What is The Hitting Lab?

Founded by a hitter for hitters and anyone trying to help other hitters out.  If you are a prospect on the horizon, an aspiring coach, or a parent that wants the best for their kid, we will help you on your journey. We are a collaboration of professional baseball minds with the intent to develop success.  We offer private hitting consultation on site and via the web.  We will not swing the bat for you but we will help you understand your swing.  Through our years of extensive training we have failed and succeeded countless times. This experience enables our team to deliver expert opinions on how to be a consistent and dangerous hitter.Book Time With An Expert!

Hi. I'm Kevin. Nice to meet you.

Kevin Brown


Hello hitters, I'm Kevin Brown, founder of The Hitting Lab. I am a complete junky when it comes to taking swings and studying successful hitters. I became a private hitting instructor in 2013, following my first season in the Chicago Cubs Minor League system. I have worked with hitters from Little League to the Big Leagues and strongly believe there are specific keys to consistent hitting that apply at every level. My mission with is to empower hitters with the confidence and trust they need to be elite.  

The Hitting Lab has helped me find consistency in my swing. It is a constant reminder of what works and what doesn't work for hitting at a high level. Every hitter at every level should be following the Hitting Lab blog as it covers not only the mechanics of a professional swing, but it gets into how the best hitters think at the plate.

Chesny Professional Baseball Player

Chesny Young action shot